The Total Woodturning Solution

Bespoke Woodturning

Effortless style

Woodturning EssexWhether it’s the finishing details or big oversized statements you want to achieve – all the products work effortlessly to harmonise with their surroundings.

The timber selection you make will greatly enhance the character of the product you receive. We are highly experienced in working with many of the hardwoods from Ash through to Walnut, as well as all of the softwoods like Hemlock, Pine etc.

With a twist on what people would normally expect to receive, the promotional items we produce make our clients stand out. The range of our production equipment allows you to have either small volume for a specific target audience or large quantities for blanket promotion.

Finishing details

Most people understand the impact a stunning kitchen can have on the potential of a house, both to realise it’s maximum value or give their home the feeling of real unashamed quality that everyone aspires to. Our turnings accentuate that quality and with a wealth of products available to you, the additional details only help to enhance the theme throughout the whole house.

Timber ComponentsOur products are an investment in the future, manufactured to high standards from durable, sustainable materials. A timeless style, which reflects the past and shapes the future, simply means they will be performing their role for many years to come. Just like the various restoration projects we have been involved with, many generations will be able to enjoy what you, in partnership with ourselves have produced.

We have a continuing commitment to improvement of both products and services, and as a result our product range is constantly increasing. The advice we give is free and with 30 years of experience to call on there are very few problems we have not encountered.

We look forward your call and value the opportunity of serving you in the future.