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Bespoke Wood Turning

Our Service

The bespoke service we offer will provide you with almost limitless possibilities. It is important that your choice reflects the needs of the individual projects.

Established buildings are more likely to require traditional turned, twisted or fluted profiles, whilst a contemporary interior will often command a sleek minimalist style.

Either way we are able to produce one off samples to your requirements for your client’s approval.

Traditional square, hexagonal and octagonal spindles and newels are as popular as ever and as with all the products we produce we are able to accommodate specific profiles to your requirements.

Running alongside our bespoke department, our high production equipment is producing standard ranges of stair and furniture components on a daily basis. These competitively priced ranges allow you to be able to produce high quality end products within sensible budgets.

Custom Reproduction

Buildings with planning restrictions or a listed status will often require replacement with replica turnings. These can be matched to the original profiles from drawings or samples, often to exact reproductions.

Sections of timber that are unavailable in single piece component form can be laminated in our own machining department. This allows us to maintain constant quality checks throughout the whole of the manufacturing process, giving you the peace of mind to know that the product will perform within the environment it was designed for.

If you need our full custom reproduction service to match your turning click here.